Holiday Light Recycling

Petersen Iron & Metal is proud of our annual partnership with the City of Coralville’s Holiday Light Recycling Program. Community members are able to divert obsolete holiday lights from the Iowa City landfill.

Between Thanksgiving Day and New Years Day, household waste production increases by nearly 25% fueled by volumes of holiday paper products, food waste, decorations, and Christmas lights, which place a significant strain on landfills and solid-waste handlers.

Unfortunately, much of this holiday waste can be diverted from landfills to recyclers but isn’t.

Petersen Iron & Metal is working in concert with the City of Coralville to help reduce recyclable holiday light waste, and we invite you to take part.

For your convenience, you may bring lights to any one of several drop-off locations in Coralville. Give us a call to find a location near you.

Thank you for your partnership and dedication to a clean Coralville.

Steel Recycling In Iowa City

Steel recycling, in the greater Iowa City community area, provides the new steel industry with the largest portion of its raw materials for production of automotive steel, structural steel, and sheet steel which markedly reduces the cost of new goods. Manufacturing products from recycled scrap steel requires over 75% less energy–in oil and electricity–than producing the same amount of steel from mined iron ore.

At Petersen Iron & Metal, we are proud to support Johnson County’s local economy and environment by recycling steel and other scrap metals. Annually, the steel produced from recycled steel saves enough energy to keep Johnson County’s lights on for nearly 720 years.

Recycling Fact

Did you know that Americans throw away enough aluminum to rebuild an entire commercial airline fleet every three months?